Heller Named Port Small Businessperson Of The Year


The Port Washington Chamber of Commerce named founder and owner of Golden Hands Massage and Aesthetic Therapies David Heller small businessperson of the year for 2018.
Heller was honored on Oct. 19 at an awards breakfast by the Nassau County Chambers of Commerce, along with the honorees of the other Nassau County Chambers of Commerce.

“The thing that got me is I was sitting at home with my arm in a sling unable to work for two months and I get a call from the chamber and I say, ‘What is it Bobbie [Polay]?’ and she said I’ve been chosen,” said Heller of when he first heard the news. “I thought it was funny when I can’t even work.”

Heller injured his shoulder and hand during a segway tour in Atlanta and has unfortunately, been unable to work for the past few months, however, Heller has been getting physical therapy and is working on healing.

For more than 30 years, Heller has assisted clients with his extensive experience and training in the areas of massage, Reiki, cupping and Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD). He has bridged the worlds of healing and technology by utilizing technique tools such as BioMat therapy and a Celluma, an LED light therapy instrument for pain and inflammation reduction. Heller also provides therapeutic treatments and health coaching for high school and college athletes, Olympians and professional football and hockey players.

“The only thing I can think of is the energy I put into Port Washington,” said Heller of why he felt the chamber made him the 2018 small businessperson of the year. “I think it’s the volunteering I’ve done through the chamber and Kiwanis for years. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with people in areas throughout Port and the surrounding areas. I enjoyed being part of the team. The causes themselves are worthwhile, but being part of the team and interacting with the community is what lights me up.”

Heller, a member of the Port Washington Chamber of Commerce board of directors for eight years, has helped raise funds for the Special Olympics as part of the chamber’s Polar Plunge team, volunteered to hand out flags at the Memorial Day Parade, is a member of the chamber’s HarborFest and SOUPer Bowl committees and participated in many grand opening ceremonies. Outside of the chamber, Heller volunteers with Kiwanis at the Ronald McDonald House.

Three weeks after finding out he was named small businessperson of the year, Heller received a call from the president of the Port chamber, Mitch Schwartz, who said Heller was selected to be the secretary of the chamber.

“I told Mitch I don’t type and my hand’s injured,” said Heller. “He said, ‘that’s not your job. If there’s anything you have a question about, you just come to me and I’ll help you deal with it.’ I thought with that kind of support, why shouldn’t I do it.”

Heller said his advice to other small business owners would be to be available to clientele, give high quality service, know the client is always right and play ball with the community.


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