Grand Larceny At St. Stephen’s Shop


A church is often thought of as a place of safety, sanctuary and security. A place where those who need help go to seek guidance, pray and get the assistance that they need. That is why the crime that took place on Thursday, Jan. 12, inside of the St. Stephen’s Consignment Shop on Carlton Avenue, is so shocking.

It was a little more crowded than usual on that Thursday in the late morning.

Several shoppers made their way through the aisles of merchandise looking for that hidden gem of a cashmere sweater or designer dress at a bargain price. It is easy to let down your guard and be completely engrossed as labels such as Christian Dior, Michael Kors call out from the racks. One such lady did just that.
As one shopper tried on clothing, she placed her designer purse on top of a display. She walked away to try on a beautiful shirt and when she returned, the purse was gone. The store was searched high and low, but there were no signs of the handbag. She had lost her car keys, her cellphone and her wallet.

Port Washington Police Department (PWPD) were called to the scene and took down every detail. Unfortunately, no one had seen the crime take place. The victim appeared distraught as she stood at the counter, trying to recall something that would be of assistance. She thought that maybe the police could use her phone to track down the thief or that the video cameras throughout the consignment shop could offer up the perpetrator.

Later that night, St. Stephen’s contacted a computer/electronics expert to help review the video footage from the day. Scrutinizing the footage for an hour, they captured the image of the alleged purse thief. (Visit to the her photo) The information was then forwarded to the PWPD.

The footage shows the suspect, dressed in all black, picking up the purse and walking out of the store with it, to the hallway. In the hallway, the alleged thief looks through the contents of the bag and then exits the store.

According to a flyer being distributed by the PWPD, the suspect is a female of light complexion with shoulder length dark hair. Since the value of the handbag and its contents are worth more than $1,000, the suspect is wanted in connection for a grand larceny. The PWPD advises anyone with any information to come forward, even anonymously, and contact Detective Alberti at 516-883-0500 extension 330.

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