Girl Scouts Organize Food Drive

From left: Dara S., Eva F., Kaitlyn S., Ryann E., Helena F., Bella D., Eve S., and Stop and Shop Store Manager, Dean.

Girl Scout Troop 426 recently identified the problem of keeping kids who normally receive two meals a day at school fed during the summer as part of their Bronze Award Project.

So, to make people aware that food pantries need support during summer months, the girls have decided to host a food drive on May 12 at Stop and Shop located at 65 Shore Rd.
“We were eating latkes at a brainstorming meeting and we were talking about the food drive we were part of in December,” said Eva F., explaining how the girls came up with the idea for the food drive. “Someone said, ‘Why don’t we have more food drives?’ and then we had a whole conversation about it. Then we decided on a drive for our Bronze Award.”

“We began to wonder why there wasn’t a drive for summer supplies and food,” added Eve S. “There are so many assorted food drives around Thanksgiving and winter, but summer and spring can be forgotten.

Ryann E. and Dara S. also agreed that many food drives were held during the winter months and it would be a nice change to have one during the summer months for the kids who usually get their breakfast and lunch at school.

The girls learned that more than 80 families rely on Port’s local food pantries. The girls shared their ideas on why it’s so important to collect and donate food within Port Washington.

“It’s important to collect items in Port Washington because some people don’t have the money to afford important things they need to remain healthy,” said Kaitlyn S.

“It is so important because sometimes kids will rely on schools for breakfast and lunch,” said Helena F. “But in the summer, they don’t go to school so they might have to skip a meal.”

“It is so important to donate food and supplies in Port Washington because a handful of families in Port do not have enough money to buy food and other supplies for their themselves,” said Ryann E. “Kids in some families get breakfast and lunch at school, but when school lets out, they often go without food. We are having a summer drive because people often forget that there is a need in summer, and only think to give during the season of giving.”


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