Fresh Produce Welcomed


I would like to thank Marvin Makofsky and the volunteers at Plant a Row, Patty Woods and the volunteers at Grassroots, Bayles Garden Center, and the community of Port Washington for all of the wonderful fresh produce that was so lovingly grown, harvested and delivered to Our Lady of Fatima Food Pantry this summer and fall.

This food was such a special addition to our usual non-perishable foods and our clients were so thrilled to be the recipients of such fresh and tasty produce.

Our pantry was pleasantly overwhelmed all summer long, and even until the beginning of December, with the most varied and delicious selection of produce.

The produce that was delivered to us each week by numerous volunteers was greatly appreciated by all of the families that visit our food pantry.

I want the community to know that receiving the produce not only enriches the diet of our clients, but also lifts their spirits. The hard work and care that went into growing these fruits and vegetables is acknowledged and appreciated by our families and to receive food that was grown with love was an added benefit.

The time and effort that it takes to cultivate the produce and coordinate the harvesting and delivery is greatly appreciated by all.

As Mother Teresa said, “It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.”

It is clear by the abundance and beauty of all we received that the Port community has fully embraced Mother Teresa’s ideals.

Thank you.

—Sister Kathy Somerville

Director, Our Lady of Fatima Parish Outreach


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