Classrooms Dance in Port Washington


Young children throughout the Port Washington School District recently showed off their fancy footwork to parents as the district’s elementary schools completed the Dancing Classroom Long Island program with a series of evening recitals.

Dressed to the nines, students demonstrated the ballroom dance steps they learned over the course of the 10-week artist-in-residence program, which was integrated into the physical education, health, music and character education programs at each school while making connections to math, social studies and English language arts. Students also learned self-confidence, teamwork, manners and gained an appreciation for the cultures associated with the different dances they learned.

Guggenheim students strutting their stuff (Photo courtesy of the Port Washington USFD)
Guggenheim students strutting their stuff (Photo courtesy of the Port Washington USFD)

Dancing Classrooms Long Island is a nonprofit program of CoDanceCo, which provides this residency program to private and public schools throughout the country. Daly and Sousa elementary schools in Port Washington held their parent recitals in November. Guggenheim, Sousa and South Salem schools held their performances in December.


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