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Federal Taxes Should Consider Cost Of Living

Brian and Amy are your typical middle-class New Yorkers. They’ve worked hard to build a comfortable life for their three children in Hicksville, and hoped to remain there to be near family.
However, every year during tax season they are hit by a bill from the federal government that makes them question if they will be able to continue living in such a high-cost area. Their story is all too familiar, and I wanted proof that we need to change the federal tax code to account for New York families facing some of the highest costs of living in the country. [Read more...]

Skateboarders And Safety

Parents please talk to your children about the safety of skateboards.
I sit on my front porch and watch the kids coming from Harbor Road and coming from Shore Road going to Harbor Road. They come down the street on the yellow line. I am on the curve and I’m so worried that someone is going to get hit by a car.
The other day a boy was coming so fast on the sidewalk he lost his footing. The skateboard went in the street and he went forward. A car was coming from Harbor Road and drove over the yellow lines. [Read more...]

Memory From Hepcat Era

I receive the Port Washington News here in FL.
I lived in Port for about 10 years after I got married.
Way back in the 60’s, the Salem Inn was our local strip joint. I will say it wasn’t the nicest place to go.
We all hung out at Pete Gaffeny’s place. It was the best in town then.
— Charles de Leon

Wet Weather Doused Special Performance

There was to be one terrific and appropriate concert at the Sousa Band Shell—”A Salute to our Armed Forces”—on the 70th anniversary of D Day.
It was most unfortunate that the weather did not cooperate for this to take place and as not only the concert goers would have enjoyed, it was to be a wonderful salute for the public to know and say, ‘thank you’ to the 10 members in the band who had served and were part of D Day.
The program planned was most appropriate, with Gus Segredo as narrator and the Color Guard of the Marine Corps league of Port Washington Detachment #614 to set off the evening. [Read more...]

One Nation Under The Gun

Recently there have been many tragic situations—unexplainable actions by desperate, stressed, mentally ill and suicidal people.
We, as a nation, seem to forget the millions of poor, needy and ill citizens. We pass by homeless veterans, many of us without a thought of helping them. We see runaway teenagers and we ignore them. Our leaders, so self righteous in their speeches about the American people, then with their next vote, remove millions from SNAP benefits. [Read more...]

Senior Identity Protection

I’m writing to inform readers of a simple and effective step we can take to protect our seniors from identity theft—removing Social Security numbers from Medicare cards.
One in five Americans above the age of 65 fall victim to financial fraud. In New York alone, approximately half a million seniors have been prey for scammers. [Read more...]

Trustee Questions Decency In Manorhaven

Our country is founded on a cooperative spirit, a sense of fair play and basic decency. When one team wins, the losers don’t run out on the court booing and calling names. No, instead they shake hands, pat the winners on the back, and say.. good game!
Last Tuesday when I opened The Port Washington News, I was appalled, but mostly saddened, to see an ad by the entire Residents Party—I have never seen an ad like this on any governmental level after any election. [Read more...]

PSEG Questions Remain

I have been an outspoken critic of the PSEG transmission project since it became known to our community. I have raised several questions with PSEG associated with this project:
• Is the line was necessary based on expected demand?
• Is the line necessary to meet summer 2014 demand?
• Would this line improve reliability in the event a Storm Sandy would to re-occur?
• Has the cost of undergrounding the line been greatly exaggerated?
• Why wasn’t the LIRR train route considered?
I was recently invited by PSEG to meet with several of their executives to address these questions. Based on that meeting, I wanted to share some of the things I learned with the community. [Read more...]

Marina Use Was Invaluable

On behalf of the officers and members of the Port Washington Fire Department we wish to thank Steve Wachter for the use of his marina for training this past week.
Our fire protection district has a large body of water on which various types of craft pass. Fires on these boats, whether on the water or in a marina, pose special challenges and hazards to the land-based firefighter.
The marine environment offers many types of challenges for our team. Whether it’s a small boat fire in a marina or an oceangoing oil tanker, it will take some new training, changes of your structural firefighting tactics, and some changes in our strategies. This type of training is important if not crucial.
Again we thank you.
—Raymond D. Ryan, chief of department

Dog Needs Help, Not Handout

What a ridiculous story regarding the poor stray dog. (Port News, June 18-24)
The writer tells about a handicapped homeless dog like it’s a Disney story.
The truth is, homeless dogs have a miserable life—hungry, dirty, probably loaded with pests and scared.
Instead of giving him pretzels and water why didn’t she do the right thing and call the animal shelter to rescue him? He could get cared for and hopefully get adopted.
This dog won’t have a Lady and Tramp happy ending unless someone rescues him fast.
— Lisa Frappaolo