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A Trio Of Thank Yous

First, I want to express my sincere gratitude to both of the Port Washington Fire Department EMS volunteers, Elizabeth and Julien, as well as the Nassau County Police officers who responded to my home before dawn last Monday morning. My 86-year-old mother fell ill just a day after the blizzard of 2016, and they all responded within minutes, providing competent and caring attention and skill. What a coincidence it was to find out that this ambulance had just come from a call in Manorhaven, where I work. Concerned, I asked about the roads there, and was told that they were okay. So my third thank you goes to the team that plowed Manorhaven tirelessly during this storm: the DPW crew and the outside contractors who worked round the clock. Their efforts allowed the ambulance to respond to my home very quickly. [Read more…]

Thank You First Responders

Thank you to all our first responders, Port Washington Police District, Port Washington Fire Department, EMT, Sergio Tardone and our dispatchers for everything they did, working nonstop around the clock. Also, thank you to all of our doctors and nurses. [Read more…]

License Plate Readers and Privacy

The Town of North Hempstead will soon have another sign of the times with the implementation of auto­mated License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology. The system is sold to the public as a way to lower labor costs with a payback within 10 years.

The truth is that these systems are not new and do not come without significant legal scrutiny as well as ongoing system upgrade and maintenance costs. Laws are being enacted across the country to either restrict, or, in some cases, ban LRP use and control of your Personally Identifiable Information (PII). [Read more…]

Lack Of Mail Delivery

Our dysfunctional post office reared its ugly head once again by deciding not to deliver mail on certain streets in Soundview on Monday, Jan. 25. The sun was shining that day, temperatures were on the balmy side, upper 30s, by and large, the roads were plowed and navigable, therefore, there was absolutely no reason for this lack of mail delivery. This travesty is not the first time that it was perpetrated. This is at least the fifth time that the post office decided on a whim not to deliver mail. This is illegal, as these occurrences took place when there was no legal holiday on which there is no mail delivery. This abject dereliction of service was reported to the U.S. Post Master General in Washington, DC, requesting an investigation. Guess what? True to form, no response. It proves that the “fish stinks from the head.” That being the case, it permeated from Washington, DC, to those responsible for operating the Post Office in Port Washington. This pervasive and totally unjustified lack of mail delivery calls for summarily firing these underperforming individuals, starting with the one in charge.

—Stanley Ronell

[Read more…]

Previously Owned Baxter House

I was saddened to hear of the deterioration of the Baxter House, personally and professionally. I and my then-wife purchased the house in 1968, mindful of its historical significance as a rare pre-Revolutionary War landmark and sensitive to its distinctive siting and singular architecture.

We took an owner’s pride in the house, and during our years there,
it was featured in an article in The New York Times, where not coincidentally I was an urban affairs reporter in the early 60s. The house subsequently also was cited as a setting for a national perspective in a book I authored in 1976, The Dream Deferred: People, Politics and Planning In Suburbia. [Read more…]


In the holiday spirit and to encourage support of local businesses, the Port Washington Parking District offered free parking on several streets in town during the month of December. Unfortunately, many parking spaces were being monopolized by local residents, business owners and commuters, thus freezing out potential customers.

Although the district website states a 90-minute limitation on the use of these spaces, this fact seemed neither publicized nor enforced.

Hopefully, next December the 90-minute rule will be clearly posted and effectively enforced to encourage patronage of our local merchants.

—Susan Levin

The Baxter House

I write to respond on behalf of the Village of Baxter Estates to your January 2016 article entitled “Then & Now: The Baxter Homestead.” The Village of Baxter Estates and its elected officials are extremely concerned about the condition of The Baxter House. [Read more…]

Thanksgiving Day Run 2015

It is amazing how different one year can be from the next. As some might recall, the 2014 Port Washington Thanksgiving Day Run was on the verge of being canceled due to road closures from a rain and ice storm in the days before. Overnight, the temperature rose above 32 degrees, the roads remained open and the run went forward as scheduled. But with the cold and wet weather, runners weren’t in a “hang around to chat” mood at the finish line.

[Read more…]

Neglected And Abandoned Baxter House

The current owners of the Baxter House (on the corner of Shore Road and Central Drive) have abandoned and neglected our beautiful historic landmark for years. To those of us concerned with the preservation of historic landmarks, this is known as “demolition by neglect,” a strategy a homeowner can use to obtain permission to develop a historic property. Adding insult to injury, these owners now want to divide the property and build a second house in the backyard. [Read more…]

Response To Letter

Chris Gallagher’s letter (Port Washington News, Dec. 16, 2015 issue) comparing Minnesota’s Somalis and French/Belgian ISIS supporters to either the Syrian-American/American-Syrian population or to the tragic Syrian refugee population is foundationless.

There are no, zero, examples of Syrian terrorists who have operated either in the U.S. or abroad. Furthermore, it is doubtful if any stateside Syrian native or foreign-born are in jail for any violent crime, they are too busy earning a living and participating in family and community life.

The Paris bombers were French and Belgian nationals from North African progenitors. The “Syrian” passport found near the dead bomber was declared by French and EU authorities to be a fake. The California pair was of Pakistani origin. The Army doctor in Texas, Major Hassan, was Jordanian-Palestinian. Jihadist bombers are predominantly of Afghani, Pakistani, Palestinian, Saudis, Yemeni and Jordanian nationalities.

Does Mr. Gallagher believe in preventive punishment for uncommitted wrongdoing? Does he spank his children preventively in case they were thinking of trying bad behavior?

Syrians have done nothing to date to warrant the preventive punishment of refusing the refugee population safe haven from the death, starvation, political and religious persecution taking place on the Syrian ground. They are victims with no blemish of harm-doing on the record.

Should Mr. Gallagher take the beam out of his eye before looking for a nonexistent mote elsewhere among the Syrian refugees?

Where is his indignation about Christian-American terrorists, abortion bombers, political bombers in Oklahoma, untreated mentally ill bombers such as Ted Kaczinski and numerous others.

Mr. Gallagher needs to rebalance his ire. —Diane Nahas