Audrey Scheyer

Audrey Scheyer

Audrey Scheyer of Sands Point died April 27. Her husband, Daniel is Associate Village Justice of Sands Point, and is the Water Commissioner for 24 years, was trustee for 20 years, and member and Chairman of the Board of Zoning Appeals for many years.

Beloved, Audrey found joy in the happiness of others. In November 1982, she underwent a lumpectomy, a procedure then so novel in the USA, that it was prohibited in many hospitals. The then follow up was massive radiation. A world traveler, the after effects caused her to be hospitalized in places as diverse as Oslo and Hanoi. Audrey met her husband when they were both 19 and “went steady” after the first 5 minutes and were together for more than 70 years. Married in 1950, she also received a BA from Brooklyn College and an MS from LIU almost 20 years later, becoming a teacher in East Rockaway for 20 years.

She is survived by her husband, her sons, Lawrence, a lawyer and Richard, a medical doctor, her daughters in law, Iku and Dorothy, and her nephews, Robert and Ronald Signore. With Daniel being a Lt Colonel in the National Guard, in effect she became an “Army wife”, joining him, with her kids, in places as diverse as Charlottesville, Fort Drum and DC. In 1968, by chance, he was posted to the Pentagon, the day after Martin Luther King was killed. When the Legal Advisor to the National Guard Bureau was mobilized, he took over. Audrey and her sons joined him during this tumultuous time, when howitzers were mounted on the steps of the US Capitol. Pretty, easy-going, with a sly sense of humor, all who met her, knew they interested her. She made of love, a verity enduring.


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