Assistant Superintendent Deeb-Westervelt Honored


Port Washington School District Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Dr. Wafa Deeb-Westervelt is the recipient of the LIU Post Phi Delta Kappa Chapter 1524 Distinguished Service Award for professionals in education. Deeb-Westervelt will be honored at the annual Phi Delta Kappa Induction Dinner and Awards ceremony to be held at the Brookville Country Club in April.

“Truthfully, I was not aware that I was being considered for this award,” Deeb-Westervelt said. “It was a complete surprise to me, and I’m genuinely humbled and honored to have been chosen.”

The Phi Delta Kappa board unanimously named Deeb-Westervelt a recipient, citing her outstanding accomplishments, tireless efforts and dedicated service to students and teachers at LIU Post and the Port Washington School District. This includes running highly regarded professional development workshops on instructional procedures for developing a valid and research-based understanding of teaching.

In informing her of the award, Phi Delta Kappa Chapter 1524 Co-President and LIU Associate Department of Special Education and Literacy College of Education, Information and Technology Dr. Roberta Levitt wrote, “Your focus on the type of instruction—being the voice for all children, an admirable advocacy for all students—extends beyond our LIU Post campus community.”

Well-regarded for her knowledge of curriculum and instructional best practices, Deeb-Westervelt organizes ongoing professional development workshops for Port Washington teachers, and the training she has provided at LIU Post has resulted in many teaching candidates receiving excellent evaluations.

“Dr. Deeb-Westervelt is a hard-working, caring professional who establishes a positive rapport with the Port Washington school community and community at large,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kathleen Mooney. “She works collaboratively with colleagues and parents. Her knowledge of curriculum, her initiative for bringing relevant, innovative educational programs to the district, and her expertise in facilitating instructional professional development for staff as well as analyzing instructional data are delivered with skill and professionalism.”


  1. How is this possible? Every teacher at Guggenheim Elementary school uses a different curriculum and there is no consistency from grade to grade. It would be nice if administration decided to cohesively use the same curriculum and then actually follow up with their teachers to make sure it is being used appropriately.


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