A Slice Of The Swinging Sixties In Port Washington


The 1960s encapsulated a decade where there was plenty of change going on around the country, both in politics and pop culture. And no more so than in 1969, when America put a man on the moon, hundreds of thousands of youth descended on the small upstate burg of Bethel for Woodstock and both the Mets and Jets won world championships.

That was also the year this Port home in the Soundview section was erected. Located at 7 Marlin Lane, it sold for $995,000 on Aug. 11. This four-bedroom splanch includes two full baths and one half bath. Amenities include a full basement, a formal dining room, central air conditioning, a powder room and a laundry room. There is also an eat-in kitchen, a family room and a storage attic. Real estate taxes are $16,209.


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In addition to being editor of Garden City Life and Syosset-Jericho Tribune, Dave Gil de Rubio is a regular contributor to Long Island Weekly, specializing in music and sports features. He has won several awards for writing from Press Club of Long Island (PCLI).


  1. As a kid growing up on Harbor Hills Drive, I enjoyed standing on top of the sandpits behind the fence at Guggenheim School, watching those houses being built. I’m in that category of natives who were priced out of Port as adults. I have a professional college degree. The selling price of this house doesn’t surprise me, but the taxes astound me. Same house where I live in the Capital of Nevada, 15 minutes from Tahoe, would be $315k with taxes of $1,100. Port is a beautiful place with so many great amenities…. and memories!! But how do any of the natives from my generation afford to stay?

    • Skip… I grew up in Port. PDSHS class of 1953. Are you related to Tobey Canfield, a classmate and friend? Is he still alive? Can you give me contact details? We both had aunties in Arlington VT (where Norman Rockwell lived at the time). I grew up in Bayview Colony.

      Pete Hunter

  2. I also remember as a kid from the terrace on snowy nights we would take our slide’s down to sound view were the homes were being built and take lumber to build our tree forts down at the old girl scout beach !!!! Stayed for 40 years and retired moved to Fl

  3. Having moved to PW in 1950 and living there until 2006, I saw a lot of changes along the way. I remember that, in the 50’s, Radcliff Ave. ended about a hundred yards past Glamford Ave. Looking out over the fence at the end of Radcliff to where PCH now sits, was the NBC radio tower. The rest of what is now Soundview, was just sand pits. As Soundview was being built, I remember my father saying “who would buy those houses? They are so close together.” Seeing today’s selling prices, I think Pop would be surprised.

  4. Ahhhh…. Ritchie Volpe…a real ballplayer as I recall……I wonder if Stomboli Hill is still above sea level!

    • Sorry Buddy, I think you got the wrong one. The RV you are referring to was a few years older than me. Although, I did coach baseball at PAL for 12 years, I’m not the same one. I believe he worked for the PW water department. I knew him and liked him but I don’t know where he is now.


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